The mission of Game Plan Life is to advocate mental health and help others move through life with a positive, game winning mindset.

Game On

Our mission is to use a sports minded approach as the foundation to learn, improve, or get through life's challenges.

Rise Above

We believe that you don't have to be defined by your falls or circumstances, you can define yourself by how you rise.  

Win on your terms

The Game Plan Life approach is that you determine what winning in life looks like, and we show you how to create a game plan on your terms to defeat your mental opponents and reach your goals. 

Mental Strength

A big part of winning is to keep your mental mindset strong, and we provide the tools - online courses, journals, motivational product, and game plan coaching sessions - to get you there.

Winning is a team effort

We believe the key to victory is having a unified front. If you are an expert or authority in a field and want to share your knowledge and experience, contact us to see how you can partner and join the Game Plan Life Movement.


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