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Freedom To Retreat

retreat news Jul 04, 2019

When it's Independence Day, I like to take time to be grateful for Freedom.  I can't stop thinking about all the people trying so desperately to enter the USA and all the risks they take to do so.  It makes me appreciate all the freedoms I truly have and think about the false beliefs that hold me back from doing what I really want. 

I know that false beliefs hold us back from going to retreats.  In this week's blog post, I'd like to share what holds us back from retreating and how to use the freedom mindset to push the false beliefs out of the way.

When I opened my first retreat venue, my mission was to help women getaway without feeling guilty.  I often put my own needs on the back burner so I could fully relate to the guilty feelings that set in with the thought of going to a retreat.

I witnessed this first hand with many guests telling me that they never took time for themselves.  But, once they experienced their first...

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Missed Retreat Opportunities

retreat news Apr 18, 2019

A friend and coaching colleague of mine opened a creative studio where she offered art coaching workshops.  I had every intention to attend, but too many competing priorities got in the way.  When she announced she was closing her studio, I made a commitment to attend one of her last workshops offered at the studio.

In this week's Retreat News, I'll share how her creative workshop changed my perspective and made me realize what missing out can mean.

No matter a retreat weekend, an event, or a workshop, making the commitment to attend can be one of the biggest hurdles.  Often, we let other stuff get in the way of doing something that is good for our soul and state of mind.

When my friend announced she was closing her retreat studio, I immediately felt a sense of urgency to register for one of her last workshops as I was kicking myself that I didn't make the time to attend one earlier.  I registered for her Ink Drop Art Workshop and...

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My $100,000 Retreat Business Education

retreat news Apr 11, 2019

About 15 years ago, I started my retreat business journey.  So much has changed since then with the beginning of Facebook and the influx of smart phones.  Now everything can be found at your fingertips including learning just about anything.  But, online knowledge wasn't readily available 15 years ago, and I had to figure things out on my own when I started my retreat business.  It cost me to the tune of $100,000 - Gasp!

In this week's Retreat News, I'll share how that $100,000 retreat business education breaks out, and a way for you to get a better education at a much lower price tag.

One of my favorite quotes is "Experience is the best teacher.  The test comes first and then the lesson."  Well, experience does come at a price tag of costly mistakes, failures, and going down the wrong roads at times.  

I'd like to share what my $100,000 of mistakes, failures, and wrong roads looked liked that got me my...

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Craft Retreats Are Transformational

retreat news Apr 04, 2019

I shared the Scrapbook and Quilt Retreat Directories in a retreat business Facebook group, and I was told by the group administrator that the post was not allowed because Craft Retreats are not "transformational."  Well, in this week's Retreat News, I will prove them wrong.

This is the year I declared I'm not going to be quiet about craft retreats so I can say with conviction that I'm proud of the Scrapbook and Quilt Retreat Directories as they make it fast and easy to find retreat options.

I like using social media to promote the directories, so I joined a couple of retreat type Facebook groups to learn and network.

In one particular group I posted that you can find women's retreat options on the Scrapbook and Quilt Retreat Directories.  I got a personal message from the group founder that said if I continue to post information about the directories, I would be removed from the group.  She told me craft retreats are not...

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How To Pack For A Craft Retreat

retreat news Mar 28, 2019

Packing for a retreat can seem overwhelming, and the thought of packing may even stop people from going to a retreat.  The good news is that there are so many helpful tips and tricks on the internet, and I'll share them in this week's

When it comes to packing for a retreat, there are certainly a few themes that are common.

Pre-plan - At lease a few days ahead of time, but a week is better.

Put your projects into kits - whether you are scrapbooking, quilting, or creating other projects, organizing your project into kits will help with packing and keep your creativity focused at the retreat.

Ott-Lite - having an extra light on hand can really be helpful in case the lighting at the retreat is not adequate enough for your needs.

Extension Cord/Power Strip/Duck Tape - this is at the top of the list for must haves at the retreat.  The duck tape is helpful to tape down the cords so no one trips over them.

Craft Supplies - create a check list of...

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My Retreat Back Out Confession

retreat news Mar 21, 2019

Since 2005, I've been promoting and encouraging women (sorry guys!) to go to retreats.  It's been my passion and mission for a long time.  But, I need to make a confession.  Recently, I backed out of a retreat commitment.  Yes, I did...I cancelled, withdrew, bailed out, or whatever you want to call it, and it bothered me.  Honestly, I feel like a hypocrite.  Why did I do what I tell so many others not to do?  Well, I thought I'd share the story in an attempt to give some insight and inspiration.

I was at church one Sunday in January.  I've never regularly attended church, but this past year, I was introduced to a church that has made a positive impact on my life as well as my family.  

In the church service, it was announced that the Inspire Women's Retreat was on March 2nd, and all ladies were welcome to sign up.  It sounded fun, but I'm fairly new to the church so I...

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Time For National Quilting Day

retreat news Mar 14, 2019

March proves to be open season of crafting with the entire month declared as National Craft Month.  To add to the excitement of this glorious time, the third Saturday in March is National Quilting Day.  It is a day that is celebrated worldwide with special quilting shows, classes, open museums, retreats, and much more.  This is a day to appreciate and to recognize quilt makers, along with all of their long labor, love and skill that goes into the making of each quilt. 

Photo: National Quilt Museum

The National Quilting Association launched the celebration in 1992. The event is now a partnership between The National Quilt Museum and the Quilt Alliance, two of the largest nonprofit organizations serving the needs of the quilting community. 

The Quilt Alliance and the National Quilt Museum are hosting an event at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky, and this year, quilters and crafters worldwide will be able to ...

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10 Ways To Celebrate National Craft Month

retreat news Mar 07, 2019

In 1994, the Craft & Hobby Association created this wonderful celebration in March that we know as National Craft Month. It was designed to help people rediscover their creativity and learn about the wonderful world of crafting and all of it's many benefits.  I'd love for National Craft Month to signify the start of open craft season, just like all the hype that goes into opening day of hunting and fishing season, however, with no license required ;)

Here's a list of 10 ways to celebrate National Craft Month.  

1) Plan A Craft Retreat With Your Family And Friends - okay, we are partial to this option - please visit and for a retreat near you.

2) Attend a craft workshop - search Facebook Events for craft workshops near you or check out a craft bar that are becoming so popular.  

3) Finish a UFO - that's an unfinished object in the quilting world :)

4) Visit your local...

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My Retreat Business Story

retreat news Feb 28, 2019

I've never been one to be vocal about anything, but this is the year, I'm pulling away the barriers to share my retreat experiences and knowledge to encourage more to go to retreats and more to start retreat businesses.

I remember the moment perfectly: December 2004, my cousin’s 40th birthday celebration.  My husband and I had just finished the first season at our hunting lodge in Buffalo County, Wisconsin, and I was looking for a way to rent the lodge during the off-season. The lodge was a vintage 1850s farmhouse that was part hand-hewn log cabin. The location was a big draw for hunting, but I didn’t want to leave it sitting empty January through August. I was talking about this situation with my cousin, who was working for Fiskar's Craft Division, and she told me to check into quilting and scrapbooking retreats. My ears instantly perked up, and when I got home that night, I started searching online to learn more.

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